Michael Hutchence's mother PATRICIA GLASSOP claims her granddaughter TIGER LILY wants to leave her home in Britain with her half-sisters and adoptive father SIR Bob Geldof, to live with her Australian family. Tiger Lily, 10, was orphaned in September 2000 when her mother Paula Yates died of an accidental drug overdose. The youngster's father, Inxs frontman Hutchence, committed suicide in a Sydney hotel room in November 1997. Following Yates' death, her ex-husband SIR BOB GELDOF was made legal guardian of Tiger Lily and is currently bringing her up alongside her half-sisters FIFI, Peaches and PIXIE. However, Glassop, who lives in the Queensland region of Australia, claims her granddaughter has decided she wants to move to Australia following a visit down under in April (06), when she was accompanied by Geldof. Glassop tells Australian magazine New Idea that Tiger Lily phoned her recently from London and said, "I love you and Grandpa and I want to live with you." Glassop reveals Tiger Lily is getting inquisitive about her late father, saying, "She would look at photos of her dad as a 10-year-old in his Boy Scout uniform, gently run her fingers over the pictures and ask us to tell her another story about him."