Late music legend Michael Hutchence died almost penniless - his assets amounted to just the $360 (GBP200) he had in his pocket when he died in 1997..

The family of the Inxs frontman have been told by executors of his will that the value of his estate is zero and he had just $572 (GBP317) in his bank account at the time of his death - despite his fortune being estimated at $18 million (GBP10 million).

After the sale of some of his possessions, including guitars, artwork and real estate, and the payment of $650 (GBP361) in legal fees, there was nothing left according to financial advisors left in charge of his finances.

Hutchence's estate does not include the singer's string of properties in Australia, a villa in southern France, a house in London, a development in Indonesia, numerous luxury cars and royalty payments.

A source says Hutchence did not want "thieving relatives" and "girlfriends" to get access to his fortune.