The executors of Michael Hutchence's estate have taken aim at an Australian radio station chain for using the late Inxs frontman's name in an advertising campaign.
Representatives for the singer's estate have contacted executives at the Classic Rock group, demanding the removal of billboards around Sydney and Melbourne which mention Hutchence.
The promotional campaign also features other tragic stars including Jimi Hendrix and original AC DC singer Bon Scott, with a message suggesting they have not died because "Classic Rock lives on..."
Assistant group programme director Dan Bradley, of Classic Rock's DMG radio group, has confirmed representatives of Hutchence's estate have been in contact, but insists the billboards will not be removed. The radio chain will instead make a donation to the Michael Hutchence Scholarship Foundation charity.
Bradley tells Australia's Herald Sun, "We have used the posters legitimately and respectfully to pay homage to Michael. We are saying Michael's music will live forever. We took a lot of care before we started this process to ensure we were doing everything that was right and would be seen as respectful."