LATEST: Michael Hutchence's brother has hit back at his mother after she criticised him for selling the deceased singer's personal belongings on internet auction site eBay. RHETT HUTCHENCE insists he is not trying to cash in on the former Inxs frontman's fame, but rather he is selling the items in the name of love. The 44-year-old claims he is auctioning off some "unimportant" knick-knacks on eBay so he can afford to move to the Netherlands to be with his 28-year-old flight attendant girlfriend. He tells Sydney, Australia's Daily Telegraph, "I assure you all the really important things I'm keeping. I will be passing on a lot of these things to (Michael's daughter) TIGER when she's old enough. "Michael wouldn't have minded at all - he'd be happy I'm in love and have some direction in my life." The Hutchence brothers' mother PATRICIA GLASSOP claims to have disowned her son for selling a personal fax between Michael and his former girlfriend Kylie Minogue from 1990 for $400 (GBP205) on eBay. But Rhett is disappointed by his mother's comments: "There's nothing untoward about this, as far as I can see it's just a piece of paper that Michael had written on, proclaiming his love for Kylie. "I don't see a problem with that. I'm surprised she said that. She could have asked me about it first."