Producers of the Michael Hutchence biopic are trying to convince PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star Johnny Depp to play the late Inxs frontman. The film is being fast-tracked and most of the production will take place in the singer's homeland of Australia. In addition to Depp, film-makers are also looking to cast Eric Bana, Sienna Miller, Naomi Watts and Rachel Griffiths in the movie. The film's tentative title is SLIDE AWAY, which refers to the duet Hutchence sang with U2's Bono, according to website Contrary to press reports that the late singer's family was not happy about the film, producers say Hutchence's estate is cooperating with the production. The movie's director NICK EGAN, who directed some of INXS's most popular videos, has been working with the singer's brother, RHETT on the film.