Irish dancer Michael Flatley is working on a new reality TV show about how he puts his stage spectaculars together.
The Lord of the Dance star insists fans will be amazed to see just how much work goes into stage set designs, casting and rehearsals for his shows, which have sold out the biggest arenas around the world for years.
He tells, "I'm working with some producers in Los Angeles about possibly doing something. They would like me to do a show about how I build my show and putting it on the road and I might take a look at that... It could be inspiring. Nobody could ever know the amount of hard work that goes into this from creating, financing, producing, directing, lighting.
"Then there's the logistics with the dancers' personalities, the egos, the problems and the successes.
"Even just choosing the lead dancer from the stars is very difficult for people to understand how much hard work actually goes into it but it is interesting and I think people will like it."