RIVERDANCE star Michael Flatley has split up with his model girlfriend Lisa Murphy. The 47-year-old millionaire dancer reportedly broke off the relationship two months ago (FEB06), explaining to friends he no longer wants a long-term girlfriend, but wife material. One friend said Flatley was being "philosophical" about the split, and took a while to come to the decision before ending the romance. The friend added, "In a candid moment Michael revealed to me what he really wants. He said that it was not just a long-term girlfriend like Lisa that he needed but something more. "He then turned to me and said, 'I'm at the stage in my life when I want a wife and a family.'" The Irish-American dancer had an on-off relationship with Murphy since they met at a nightclub six years ago. They lived together at his homes in London and Ireland, but friends have now confirmed Murphy has moved out. Another friend of Flatley's adds, "This time the split is permanent. He is sad but philosophical about what has happened."