Dancer Michael Flatley is getting his own back on the Illinois lawyer who brought sex charges against him - by suing him for civil extortion.

DEAN MAURO represented a woman who accused the LORD OF THE DANCE star of sexual assault in 2001 and his heavy-handed techniques upset the Irishman.

So, when the case was dismissed in 2002, Flatley set about getting revenge on Mauro personally - and he drafted in Tom Cruise's lawyer, BERT FIELDS, to help him.

Fields has filed a suit on his client's behalf and insists the harsh way the dancer was treated by Mauro was "not what lawyers do".

Flatley was particularly disturbed by a series of threatening letters he was allegedly sent by Mauro.

Fields says, "He was threatening to expose this claimed rape, which is bogus, all over the world, wherever Mr Flatley performed - if he didn't pay off. That's just not proper."

Authorities at the California Supreme Court have given Fields permission to bring the case to court.

04/02/2005 02:36