Irish dancer Michael Flatley can't wait for his energetic career to be over - so he can pile on the pounds and set up a hotel business.

The RIVERDANCE star admitted to British chat show host Michael Parkinson he can't wait to give up his demanding exercise routine to pig out on burgers and beer for a while.

He says, "That's my dream. My one last dream in life is to have a 60 inch waist and just sit around, eating cheese burgers, watching the ball game and drinking a few pints."

But Flatley admits the laid back lifestyle could be a long time coming - before giving way to gluttony he hopes to create a novel Irish themed hotel in casino-capital Las Vegas.

He adds, "I'm working on that now. There's great interest in it and I have worked for a number of years to design and set it up. I think it would be a wonderful thing.

"I'm not a casino guy but I can dream it and I can design it and I think it would be marvellously successful."