Dance superstar Michael Flatley is suffering a serious immune virus and may never dance again. Yesterday (16NOV06) it was revealed the 49-year-old has been battling a mystery illness in a private London hospital for the past two weeks. It was rumoured to be connected to a face cancer scare Flatley spoke of earlier this year - but the star's spokesperson GERALDINE ROCHE reveals he has a virus that is attacking his immune system and may rob him of his ability to dance. Doctors have carried out a series of tests on him - but are unable to establish what is wrong. After speaking with Flatley yesterday - Roche says, "He is very frustrated that he has been in hospital so long. "He is incredibly motivated and driven and wants to get back on stage as soon as possible. "But so far doctors have been unable to give him a firm promise on what the future holds and whether he'll ever be able to dance again. "He has been inundated with messages of support." A friend who visited the star yesterday (16NOV06) reveals, "He was conscious yesterday but was having difficulty breathing owing to a build up of fluid on his lungs. "He has been suffering from flu like symptoms for sometime which have got progressively worse." Flatley has cancelled the forthcoming European tour of CELTIC TIGER, his latest production.