Irish dancer Michael Flatley will never tire of TV interviews after one saved his life. The LORD OF THE DANCE star was watching one of his interviews on television when he noticed something amiss, and decided to check it out. He explains, "As I was being interviewed there was a side shot and there was a big... brown mark on my face. "I'd never really noticed it, I didn't really give it any thought... but as I saw it on television, I thought, 'Wait a second, that's very unusual.' "I went and had a look in the mirror and said, 'We should get it checked out...' and the guy said we should take it out, anyhow. "And 24 hours later the phone rang and it was the doctor, saying, 'You have to come in, you have malignant melanoma,' and he needed to take three more inches out of my face." Flatley kept his cancer scare a closely guarded secret, but now insists, "I'm completely fine now, thank God."