Michael Fassbender is ''very confident'' gamers will enjoy the 'Assassins Creed' movie.

The 39-year-old actor stars in and has produced the upcoming video game adaptation and he thinks the hardcore fans of the franchise will appreciate that the film stays true to the game in some ways, while also taking risks in others.

He said: ''I'm very confident that the gamers will appreciate what we've done.

''There are things that we absolutely wanted to respect, but I think they want you to make some bold choices.

''The gamers are a pretty fun bunch and they're very passionate from my experience of interacting with them and they like to be surprised.''

While Michael did his own stunts as much as he could on the set, he didn't even consider the saga's infamous leap of faith, as he knew he would ''die'' if he attempted to freefall from a great height.

Asked if he had thought about doing the stunt himself, he told SciFiNow: ''Definitely not. I would die. And anybody in this room would too.

''I do stunts where I can do it so there's a lot of me in the film, but I said, 'Would I be able to do that?' and the stunt coordinator said, 'Absolutely not'. He's not on a wire, this is freefall.''

But director Justin Kurzel was keen to have as many real stunts as possible in the film as her felt he'd get ''bored'' if they relied on green screen to simulate the scenes.

He said: ''I knew I didn't want to be on a green-screen stage for six months getting bored s**tless.

''I wanted to be able to do a lot of these stunts for real and go to places where we could do these things for real.

''We got the best stunt guys, parkour guys and slackline guys in the world and we had an Olympic team of athletes who came and discovered what was possible for a human being to do.

''Sometimes we discovered in a very painful way that it wasn't, and other times it was amazing.''