Michael Fassbender could probably have guessed the way critics might swing on his latest starring role in 'Shame', but it will have been pleasing all the same to witness the rave reviews coming in for his performance in the sensitive subject-touching film ahead of its official release in January next year.
The 34 year-old had already scooped an award for the movie earlier this Autumn when taking the 'Best Actor' gong at the prestigious Venice Film Festival, and there's the chance more will follow after a series of glowing reviews from press stateside. "Worth seeing primarily for Michael Fassbender's mesmerizing performance," said Usa Today, with similar plaudits rolling in elsewhere, Time calling the German-Irish actor Fassbender "the ultimate X-Man," while the San Francisco Chronicle compares him to Christian Bale, saying "With his gym-carved bod and Bauhaus aesthetic, [Fassbender's character] Brandon suggests a kinship with Patrick Bateman in 'American Psycho'".
What might temper celebrations is that though the fast rising star has been complimented for his role, the overall reception to the film has been a little more cautious, with Usa Today also describing shame as "impenetrable", and The Wrap stating "he [Fassbender], ahem, measures up impressively. The movie, less so." The film, directed by Steve McQueen, sees Fassbender play a sex addict struggling to control his impulses when his younger sister moves in with him.