Michael Fassbender thinks relationships are a ''risk''.

The 'Assassin's Creed' actor - who is dating actress Alicia Vikander - admits he has taken a ''leap of faith'' in many situations that aren't obviously dangerous.

Asked if he is comfortable with risk, he said: ''Of course. In ['Assassin's Creed'] there is a scene where my character takes a so-called 'leap of faith' and jumps down 38m.

''And I have done that [metaphorically] in many respects. Going into certain relationships or jumping from a cliff into water is a leap of faith. Or in work when we are going for something that seems daunting.''

The 39-year-old actor believes the paths our lives will take are set before birth, but that doesn't mean he leaves everything to fate.

Speaking in the upcoming issue of The Red Bulletin, he said: ''I do believe that our lives are kind of set from the womb. But I don't live my life thinking that. I don't sit back, thinking everything is taken care of.

''I do engage very much in what I am doing. And I work very hard in terms of my profession. I am not saying it is hard work, but I put the hours in!''

The 'Shame' actor accepts he is growing increasingly close to middle age but wasn't think too much about his life expectancy as he thinks that would ''begin the process'' of dying.

He said: ''A large part of me thinks when your card is drawn, it is drawn. There is nothing you can do about it. I am aware that I'm getting closer to middle age - hopefully it is middle age - and therefore death, but when you start to really think about it, you begin the process of dying.''

Read the full interview with Michael in the 13 December issue of The Red Bulletin magazine.