Michael Fassbender started a heavy metal band when he was a teenager but gave up his musical ambitions after a disastrous first gig.
The X-Men: First Class actor dreamed of becoming a rock star and attempted to form a metal group while he was growing up in a small town in Ireland, but it ended up with only two members who both played lead guitar.
Their first and only gig was a disaster and Fassbender was forced to give up his musical dream.
He tells U.S. TV host Jimmy Fallon, "I wanted to be a musician, I was into heavy metal, I wanted to be a lead guitarist in a heavy metal band. (I loved) Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer...
"There was just one other guy (in my band) and he played guitar also. It's always hard to find a drummer and a bass player in a small town, we couldn't find the back-up so we just went out as we were.
"We only played one gig. It was a little pub, it was lunchtime trade and there was middle-aged people and we were trying to play Metallica and they kept telling us to turn it down."