Michael Fassbender has reportedly seen off strong competition to land a coveted role in the new X-Men movie - playing a younger version of SIR Ian McKellen's character.
The Inglourious Basterds actor, 33, is said to have been offered the part of villainous Magento in X-Men: First Class ahead of a host of younger stars including Kick-Ass' Aaron Johnson and Anjelica Huston's nephew Jack Huston, according to Deadline.com.
Fassbender will appear alongside James MCAvoy, who will step into Sir Patrick Stewart's role of Charles Xavier in the upcoming prequel.
The movie, which will be directed by Matthew Vaughn, will chart the beginnings of the superhero saga, focusing on the early years of Xavier and Erik Lensherr, who later becomes known as magnetic mutant Magneto.
Filming is due to begin in August (10) ahead of a June release next year (11).