Michael Douglas has tough guy director Oliver Stone to thank for his iconic role as banker GORDON GEKKO in Wall Street - he played the character hard and angry after the moviemaker chastised him for his lack of acting experience.
The actor admits he was furious with Stone after the filmmaker confronted him in his trailer on the set of the 1987 movie and blasted his initial poor performance.
Douglas channelled that anger into his character Gekko - and he credits Stone with bringing out the "nastiness" in him to land him a Best Actor Oscar in 1988.
The actor tells Vanity Fair magazine, Stone berated his star by saying, "You look like you haven’t acted before in your life."
Douglas admits the tough talk gave him the anger he needed to portray Gekko: "Ultimately what he was doing, he wanted a little more nastiness. The guy (Stone) is not afraid if you want to spew or vent it on him, as long as it comes out."