Michael Douglas credits director Oliver Stone for inspiring his Oscar-winning performance in 1987 movie Wall Street, by bullying him on the movie's set.
Stone constantly questioned Douglas' acting ability and even accused him of taking drugs, while the pair shot the finance film.
The actor later realised Stone was pushing him - and had the director to thank when he lifted the Best Actor Academy Award the following year (88) for his role as greedy bank boss Gordon Gekko.
Douglas tells People magazine, "He came into my trailer and said, 'You doing drugs?' I said, 'No', He said, 'Because you don't look like you've ever acted in your life.'
"He was willing for me to hate him for the rest of the picture if it gave him (Gekko) that much more of a twist."
The pair are set to reunite to make a Wall Street sequel, alongside Shia LaBeouf and another Oscar winner, Javier Bardem.