Michael Douglas is unconcerned that his ex-former wife has re-opened her lawsuit against him.

Although a New York judge ruled last year that Diandra Luker - who divorced the 66-year-old actor in 2000, receiving a $45 million payout - should file her suit demanding 50 per cent of the money Michael earned from his movie, 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' in California where they divorced, she has renewed her battle to get it heard in the east coast city.

However, when questioned about it, Michael was unconcerned saying: "I don't think anything of it. I feel great!"

Michael's lawyer Marilyn Chinitz added: "This is not a case that has merit. This is a case of who has the deep pockets."

Diandra - who has three children under the age of eight - has claimed she cannot travel to California for a lengthy trial because of her kids, but Michael's lawyers are unsympathetic.

Marilyn said: "We don't have to feel sorry for a woman who's going to sell her [Southern California] house for $30 million on top of everything else she's received."

While Michael - who has two children with wife Catherine Zeta Jones - is officially a resident of Barbados, Diandra's attorney Nancy Chemtob has pointed out the actor could appear in court in New York because he has purchased a $5.5 million home in the state.

However, Marilyn revealed the actor had to spend time in New York for medical treatment as he battled throat cancer last year.

She said: "Mr. Douglas is cancer-stricken, tragically, and she has the audacity to imply that we misled the court. He has to stay here."

After the couple divorced, they agreed a settlement which allowed Diandra to receive a share of the money he made from his movies while they were together - so far earning her $6.3 million - but she claimed she should receive money from 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' as it revived the character Gordon Gekko, who Michael played in the original 'Wall Street' movie in 1987.