Michael Douglas says doctors are optimistic about his recovery.

The Oscar-winning actor - who was diagnosed with throat cancer last month, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy - admitted that he's had a "pretty bad year" but says his doctors are positive about his condition.

He said: "I'm doing fine. My doctors are optimistic, I'm optimistic, and obviously a combination of radiation every day and chemo limits a full day, but everybody did a fantastic job and life goes on. So it's just another chapter. I've had a pretty good run of it and this was a pretty bad year."

Michael - who has two children Dylan, 10 and Carys, seven with wife Catherine Zeta Jones - joked that he picked the best time to be ill because it is college football season In America.

He explained: "I don't have anything to do thank goodness. You couldn't pick a better time. Tennis has never been better. College football just started.. so the sport looks really good."