The movie veteran teamed up with young Brit Jeremy Irvine in his new film Beyond The Reach and admits he had a great time working with the actor, who plays an American in the film.

Asked why a Brit was cast, Douglas tells WENN, "I'm so impressed with British actors in particular... They're taking a lot of parts away from Americans just because of their good acting.

"Jeremy has a seriousness about his craft that a lot of American actors are missing. American actors seem to be more concerned with their image, their YouTube image, or whatever it might be, rather than just playing the part. Jeremy proved to be so committed to the role and I'm sure the physical aspects were a lot more difficult than he had anticipated.

"He never once complained. That's the kind of actor you want to be around because that sets the tone for the picture and everyone else tries to match the quality that he's trying to achieve."