Oscar-winner Michael Douglas turned to his father KURT for support when his 2000 movie Wonder Boys failed to garner the critical acclaimed he felt sure it deserved. The Wall Street star is still convinced it's a "f**king disgrace" the film, which also featured Tobey Maguire and Katie Holmes, was ignored by awards ceremonies and audiences alike. But he took comfort in his screen icon father, who suffered a similar disappointment when his favourite performance - in the 1962 movie LONELY ARE THE BRAVE - went largely unnoticed. Douglas says, "Wonder Boys was a huge disappointment personally. I loved the movie and we didn't even get critically acknowledged as far as awards go. I thought it was a f**king disgrace. "I'll be honest - it really hurt my confidence. It was a punch in the gut. In fact it was my father who helped me through it. "His favourite movie is Lonely Are The Brave. Nobody saw that when it came out, nobody's seen it since. My father's disappointment in that movie helped me get over mine."