Michael Douglas is unenthusiastic about the idea of having any more children with his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, because he's starting to feel too old for new babies.

The couple, who will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary on 18 November (05), are the parents of five-year-old DYLAN, and CARYS, two.

And 61-year-old Douglas, who is 25 years older than his wife, is starting to feel that it's time he stopped reproducing.

On the question of having more children, Zeta-Jones says, "You better ask Michael. He said he doesn't wanna be too old where I have to push him in a wheelchair as well as a stroller. He said it, not me!

"I would (have another baby). I was one of three, so I think the balance is a really good dimension for me. Hey, if it happens, but I'm not planning anything imminently."

Douglas also has a 26-year-old son CAMERON, from his first marriage to DIANDRA LUKER.