Hollywood actor Michael Douglas regrets not being a better father to his son CAMERON - and is determined to spend as much time as possible with his two young children CARYS and DYLAN. The Basic Instinct star was busy building his career when Cameron, now 28, was growing up. And Douglas blames himself for Cameron's subsequent drug abuse troubles. He says, "Obviously, you go through guilt, and my son's struggles and conflicts have been well-documented. As a family we're a fairly open book. "Fatherhood in the past for me was more about guilt than it was about enjoyment, and you pay the consequences. I mean, that's basically it - the fact that you weren't there and you missed things. This is a unique business because we're gypsies and we're away a lot. "So in your other life it was about how hard you work and your ambitions. One of the issues I'm dealing with in my relationship with Cameron now is pulling back. "I've learned that after a certain age - 15 or 16 - you can't give advice if a person doesn't want it, because unsolicited advice doesn't work. But he's acting fine and doing fine now."