Michael Douglas is revelling in his role of house husband and full-time father to his young children DYLAN and CARYS - while his busy wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES films a string of movies.

Since the Welsh beauty's Best Supporting Actress OSCAR win in 2003, Zeta-Jones has been shooting project after project, while Douglas takes time out of his long career to spend time with their kids.

Douglas says, "People go different ways around my point in life. Either you've got so many marriages behind you that you have to work your a** off, just to keep your nut going.

"Or you're kind of happy, and you can pick and choose. If you're going to have kids at my age, the only reason to do it is to enjoy it. I'm having a ball with them, and being around for Catherine."

Currently in Sicily for the TAORMINA FILM FESTIVAL, Douglas is only a couple of hundred miles away from Zeta-Jones, who is filming the OCEAN'S ELEVEN sequel OCEAN'S TWELVE in Rome.

Douglas jokes, "My wife and Brad Pitt have been kissing their way all through Roma for two weeks now."

24/06/2004 17:09