Michael Douglas is desperate to star in a movie alongside his wife CATHERINE ZETA-JONES - so he can kill her. The Fatal Attraction actor concedes he would have to play the part of a villain in a movie with Zeta-Jones because "no-one likes older men dating younger women". And Douglas admits he would be forced to end one of his co-star's lives before the end of the film. He says, "I'd be the villain, because nobody likes older guys with younger women. So we'll get her a young leading man and I'll be the bad guy. And I'll 'off' one of them." But the 62-year-old star rules out any love scenes with wife Zeta-Jones, insisting married couples are devoid of any on-screen chemistry. He adds, "As far as doing a romance in a film for a married couple, audiences seem to lack the excitement, knowing in the back of their mind these people are together all the time."