Hollywood actor DANNY DeVITO credits Michael Douglas with making him a movie star after years of appearing in US sitcoms. DeVito was delighted to receive top billing alongside Douglas and Kathleen Turner in 1984's ROMANCING THE STONE. He had previously worked with Douglas, who was the producer, on 1975's ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST and went on to star alongside him in THE JEWEL OF THE NILE and THE WAR OF THE ROSES. Before his Romancing The Stone breakthrough, DeVito was best known for playing LOUIE DE PALMA in TV hit TAXI. He says, "The biggest challenge of my life was getting back into movies. Michael was my good buddy and it had a lot to do with him. "I was a star on Taxi but he put me in Romancing The Stone and gave me my name above the title. "There are a lot selfish people in the world who might not have done that and it did help me to break through the barrier of TV, because that is always hard."