Michael Clarke Duncan was all set to appear in one more episode of crime drama The Finder according to the creator of the Bones spin-off, Hart Hanson. In an emotional piece written for The Hollywood Reporter, Hanson explained "The Finder started as an episode of Bones, and we were thinking of having Mcd and Geoff [Stults] do one more crossover episode on Bones so that we could tell the Bones fans what happened afterThe Finder didn't come back."
Continuing, he added "We put all that on hold when he had his heart attack in July, but we were hoping he'd be back...We're just now coming to grips with the idea that Mcd is gone. I sure hope we can think of something that would do him proud." The death of Duncan has stunned Hollywood; though he only came to acting in his 30s, the gigantic star had become one of the most likable and respected in the business, following his incredible turn in 1999's Green Mile opposite Tom Hanks.
"He was a huge presence, and I believe he was destined to be a big TV star" commented Hanson on his move to the small screen in recent years. "A lot of actors are nothing like what you see, but Mcd was very much like what you see onscreen: that big smile, that big voice, not a bit of a bully to him. He doesn't alpha-male anybody, though he could alpha-male anyone he wanted. He was just a genuinely good guy."