Tragic actor Michael Clarke Duncan's fiancee Omarosa Manigault has kept their home the way it was before he died in a bid to keep his memory alive.

The Green Mile veteran passed away last September (12) after suffering a heart attack, leaving The Apprentice star devastated.

As a way to cope with her grief, Manigault keeps his belongings around the house to provide her with a sense of comfort while she continues to mourn.

She tells, "I'm still in our home. Michael's toothbrush is still in our bathroom; his jacket is still hanging on the hook. I live with the presence of Michael Clarke Duncan every day because everything is as he left it. I need time to decide to put away the toothbrush, or fold up the clothes that he threw over the back of the chair. But I haven't done that and that's my process of grieving. It's unbelievable at times. I miss him every single day. It doesn't get better, but you get better. So I'm working on getting better."

And while the 39 year old insists it hasn't been easy, she's tried to put on a brave face in the press, adding, "Our relationship was public, which also means his passing is public. And subsequently, my grieving is public. I've been mindful of that and I've tried to stay encouraged for people who come to me and say, 'How have you been so strong?'

"What I've learned is that if I trust God, he will carry me through the difficult times and challenges. And I've learned that I am equipped to deal with everything that life throws at me."