Michael Clarke Duncan has thankfully shown progress following his heart attack last Friday (July 13, 2012), although he still remains in hospital on a respiratory machine according to a report on Tmz. Duncan is of course best known as the giant death row prisoner from 1999 film 'The Green Mile', a performance which saw him nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor that year.
Duncan went into full cardiac arrest last Friday morning with girlfriend Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth performing potentially life-saving Cpr on the stricken actor, restarting the 325 pound behemoth's heart. Duncan has been on a respirator since he arrived at hospital though his heart is now reportedly breathing above its rate - good news indeed.
Tests apparently were conducted on the star on Monday, with doctors coming to the conclusion that he had a strong heartbeat and were hugely optimistic of a recovery. Duncan had been under sedation ever since the heart attack so this is good news, as until then paramedics had no idea what his recovery situation would be, with the worst case scenario being paralysis - something that thankfully no longer seems to be an issue. His family won't be getting too carried though, as it's clear Duncan has suffered a huge ordeal here, and the full extent of the damage still isn't fully known.