Movie hulk Michael Clarke Duncan went on a crash diet after being shocked by his bulging belly during a screening of The Scorpion King.

The larger-than-life star had no idea he looked so big until he saw himself on the big screen and immediately gave up fatty foods and red meat and joined a kickboxing class. He has since lost 90 pounds (41 kilograms).

He says, "I love turkey, fish, chicken and sometimes I still love to eat fried chicken. It was part of a plan. I looked at my stomach one day and it didn't look right, it didn't look cute.

"I looked at myself in The Scorpion King and there was a scene where I come out of this cave and I have my shirt off. Man, I looked at that stomach and said, 'Damn, they could've cropped that up a little higher.' My stomach looked so bad.

"The legs looked good, the chest looked good but below the chest the stomach just wasn't quite there. I decided to lean up a little bit and start training hard in kickboxing to keep my stamina up. Now I feel great."

And his new look has earned him his first romantic role - he gets close to sexy Jennifer Esposito in new independent movie AMERICAN CRUDE.

13/07/2005 09:20