Burly actor Michael Clarke Duncan has just endured one of his most nerve-racking experiences to date - his first onscreen kiss.

The star of The Green Mile locked lips with actress Jennifer Esposito for the upcoming independent film AMERICAN CRUDE, and he admits it took a lot of preparation to feel ready for the moment.

He says, "My breath was fresh... I had my mints, had the lip balm on the lips, so hopefully she was pleased with it, too. But, oh my God, I never knew it was so much work.

"On TV it looks so easy, but it's not. There's all these camera angles... I'm lying on top of her, and they're like, 'All right, hold it, now move to your right. Okay, kiss her this way.' I told my girl, 'That was the most stressful time to kiss a woman that I ever had.'"

And now the actor has successfully filmed his first kiss, he's ready to go further onscreen.

He adds, "I'm ready to go topless now, one stage at a time - and see how the females react first."

20/09/2004 21:04