Hulking movie star Michael Clarke Duncan is such a huge fan of TV hit Desperate Housewives, he left a screening of his own film to catch the show last weekend (03APR05).

The SCORPION KING star makes it a habit to check out his new releases on their opening weekend, but left early on Sunday night when he realised he was missing his favourite show.

He says, "I saw Sin City at the premiere, so my girlfriend and I decided to go and see it again to help the box office, which I always do.

"We got there at like 7.40 (and) at nine o'clock I'm thinking, 'I should be doing something. It's Sunday and something is on,' and I realised that Desperate Housewives is on. I have to admit it... we left the movie. We never miss Desperate Housewives."

07/04/2005 14:13