Heavyweight movie star Michael Clarke Duncan was weighed daily when he was making prison drama The Green Mile, and he was sent home if he dipped below 350 pounds (158.7 kilograms).

The former bouncer played a gentle giant in the film and director FRANK DARABONT insisted he didn't lose a pound while filming.

Darabont even went so far as to plan the actor's daily food intake.

Duncan recalls, "I weighed 310 pounds and they needed me to gain 50 pounds in three months before they started shooting.

"They hired me a chef named Chef Sharon and I'll never forget her. I lived in the 'hood in Hawthorne (California), which is not a really good part of LA, but nobody messed with me because they thought I was this big actor.

"This food truck would come once a day with six meals and there'd be 18 things I'd have to eat for each day. When I would go to the set, Frank Darabont would weigh me and if I weighed anything less than 350 pounds, I could not film that day.

"He felt it might show up on screen. I didn't question it, so I had to maintain that weight."

13/07/2005 02:40