DAREDEVIL star Michael Clarke Duncan has adopted a more cautious approach towards strangers, after he got into a physical clash with a blind man.

The gentle giant was furious when a man at a gym repeatedly knocked into him, so he decided to confront him about it.

He says, "This guy had on his sunglasses and he kept bumping into me... and I'm like, 'Okay, I know he sees me. I'm right there. One more time and I'm gonna let him know.'

"He comes back behind and he hits me on the shoulder and I turned around I just grabbed him and I said, 'Hey, I know you can see me standing right here! You gotta be blind or something!' "

And he took the glasses off and he said, 'Yes, brother, I am. I'm terribly sorry.'

"I left the gym, and everybody said, 'How you gonna pick on a blind guy, Michael? How you gonna grab a blind guy?' I was so embarrassed!"

Not long afterward, Duncan had another cringe-worthy moment when he asked a woman how many months pregnant she was - only to be informed she had a stomach deformity.

He adds, "I will never look at a person's stomach and I will never bump into a person that has sunglasses on, 'cause you just never know!"

07/04/2005 21:24