Actors Michael Clarke Duncan and Neal McDonough fell out on the set of their new action movie STREETFIGHTER: THE LEGEND OF CHUN LI after a basketball spat got out of hand.
The two stars spent the final three weeks of the shoot refusing to speak to one another outside of scenes in which their characters had dialogue together.
The Green Mile star Duncan recalls, "He was my only buddy and we got so mad at each other playing basketball one evening that we stopped speaking to each other for the rest of the shoot."
The pair recently patched up their differences in time for their promotional duties.
Duncan adds, "When we saw each other for the press day we were like, 'What did we do that for?' I was so miserable without him in Bangkok. I had nobody to be with."
And the heavyweight star admits basketball wasn't the only thing he and MCDonough quarrelled about: "He loaned me, like, 2,000 Bahts, which is like 15 bucks, and he made a big deal about me not paying him back on time... We argued a lot."