Actor Michael Clarke Duncan enjoyed poking fun at his co-star Jon Heder during the filming of new movie SCHOOL FOR SCOUNDRELS, because the comedian was so sensitive about how to pronounce his surname. Duncan made the mistake of calling the 28-year-old NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE star 'Header' early on in the shoot, and soon began grilling him on why he is only known by two names. He says, "You know it wasn't bad at all but don't call him Header. I called him Header one time and he corrected me. He said it's Heder. So it's Jon Heder. "He's very particular about his little name. I said, 'Well, you 're not cool yet because you don't have three names. You just have two names.' "All the good great actors have three names. Myself, Billy Bob Thornton. Do you see what I'm saying? All the so-so actors have two names. To be great you really have to have three big ones."