Michael Clarke Duncan never signs up for a movie role unless his mother gives him her blessing, after her upset her by donning "leopard skin drawers" in ARMAGEDDON. The bodyguard-turned-actor was so distraught when he realised he'd upset his mother in the action film he decided to work through every script with her before agreeing to take on parts. He says, "My mother saw me stand up on that table with those on pulling them down in Armageddon and called me at five in the morning asking me what was wrong with me. "My mother doesn't understand that it's me but I'm portraying a guy. She thinks I'm on drugs and she asks me, 'Are you on drugs!' 'No mama, I'm not on drugs.' "Ever since then I'd ask my mother about the role I got coming up. She'll give me her advice and I usually take it because she's been right all this time."