THE GREEN MILE star Michael Clarke Duncan has taken time away from playing Hollywood hulks to concentrate on getting his weight down.

The former bodyguard kept his weight at 350 pounds (158.7 kilograms) for heavyweight roles in The Green Mile, Scorpion King and DAREDEVIL but feared his size was interfering with his quality of life. So, he cut red meat out of his diet in a bid to lose weight.

Duncan says, "I gave up red meat some months ago and it helped me a lot with my diet.

"In The Green Mile I was weighing like 350 pounds and it was just to a point where I was so tired all the time. I was always sleeping, I was always groggy.

"After that, then another big movie came up - Scorpion King, then Daredevil when they wanted this big guy and after that I said, 'I wanna come down.'"

07/04/2005 09:25