Michael Chiklis is set to star in the new show 'No Ordinary Family' which premieres tonight on ABC (September 28th 2010) The one-hour sci-fi drama follows the story of the 'Powells', a typical American family who suddenly receive special powers after the plane they are travelling on crash lands into the Amazon river.
The show has been highly-anticipated since Entertainment Weekly reported that ABC had picked up the series back in May 2010. The creative team began to take shape soon after, with 'Chuck' executive producer Allison Adler announcing that she would be penning some of the script, and 'Smallville' writers Darren Swimmer and Todd Slavkin also joining the project. Chiklis plays Jim Powell, the head of the family, and a police artist by profession, however, after the plane accident he gains the ability to leap tall buildings. Julie Benz, star of 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' and 'Angel' plays Chiklis' on-screen wife, Stephanie Powell.
Early reviews of the debut episode have generally been positive, with the Philadelphia Inquirer stating, "There really is something for the whole family in this 8 pm series, which craftily combines the struggles of relatives' relationships with some excitement and a little humor, too. And that makes it no ordinary TV show".