Michael Chiklis was thrilled when he was offered the role of The Thing in Fantastic Four because he spent his childhood idolising the superhero.

The 41-year-old actor was an avid comic fan as a child but insists he had an unrivalled devotion for The Thing.

He says, "The Thing was my favourite. Honesty. I used to go to this news stand in New Hampshire where my father had a little fishing boat. We'd go fishing. My father would give me and my brother a roll of quarters and we would go nuts in the arcades there.

"But I always used to save a couple of quarters so I could buy a couple of comics. I'd always get the Fantastic Four, Thor and IRON MAN and if I did have enough money left over, I'd get a Spiderman."

And Chiklis was thrilled to discover he is an icon for other life-long fans of the superhero, when he visited a comic book convention.

He adds, "There were 40-year-old men coming up to me in homemade Thing costumes. I'd never seen anything like it."

22/07/2005 01:55