THE SHIELD star Michael Chiklis has reformed his old rock covers group to record a new album of classics.

The actor who plays bald, tough guy cop VIC MACKEY in the gritty TV drama, was once the long-haired drummer in Boston, Massachusetts, group DOUBLE TALK.

He says, "I had sandy brown hair down to my a**. I wanted to be ROGER TAYLOR of Queen."

The group reunited for the actor's 40th birthday last August (03), where they played a cover of Steely Dan's BABYLON SISTERS, and the show was such a hit with family and friends, Chiklis is making plans to become a rock star again.

Double Talk will reunite again in the studio while the Los Angeles-based actor films movie comedy MAKE SOMEONE HAPPY in New York later this spring (04).

He says, "If we're lucky enough to put a CD's worth of material together, and we're really excited about it... we'd do it right."

The group also plans to come up with a new name for the project.

22/03/2004 09:31