THE SHIELD star Michael Chiklis will only agree to play The Thing in a FANTASTIC FOUR sequel if he's guaranteed a zip in his hefty costume.

The actor went through over three hours of torturous make-up every day and had to spend down time between takes propped up on a titled board to the support the weight of his stone-like superhero attire.

Chiklis wants to make sure it will be easier for him to go to the toilet if they make a sequel.

He says, "It was a very claustrophobic and scary sensation for me at first but as time went on I knew how to cope with it.

"That said, I'd need a zipper for the sequel because zippers are good for men and 45 minutes to go potty is a tough one. You need them.

"Obviously, some re-engineering will be able to work some bugs out because it was all about the exterior look of the character and the onus wasn't on the comfort of the human being inside it."

Chiklis reveals his only respite on the set came when crew members pumped cool air into his costume.

He adds, "You'd hear, 'Cut! Alright, pop his cork,' and they'd take the top out and the heat coming out of my head would be as hot as a blow-dryer.

"They had an air conditioning unit in my head and one up my butt to lower my body core temperature."

07/07/2005 09:05