THE SHIELD star Michael Chiklis is winning hordes of fans on the set of new comic book movie adaptation THE FANTASTIC FOUR - because he's taking his extensive make-up regime in his stride.

The actor plays human boulder stack BEN GRIMM, aka The Thing, in the new movie, and has to wear a heavy rock suit at all times - but the fact he doesn't complain has impressed co-stars like Jessica Alba and Kerry Washington.

Alba, who plays semi-invisible superheroine SUSAN STORM in the film, says, "We all commend him for playing The Thing and putting that suit on and acting with all that.

"Imagine if you put your entire closet full of clothes on all at one time and then walked around as if it was a normal day. That's basically what it is; it's very claustrophobic. I'm glad all I have to do is go invisible."

20/10/2004 02:16