Sir Michael Caine inspired Tom Hanks to take up acting.

The 85-year-old actor admitted that Tom, 62, had previously told him that he decided to become an actor after watching his performance in the 1964 drama 'Zulu'.

Speaking to Dave Berry on the 'Absolute Radio Breakfast Show', Michael recalled: ''I was with him once ... he said, 'I became an actor when I saw you.' I said 'Why?'

''He said, 'My dad took me in a drive-in theatre when I was a little boy to see 'Zulu.' He said, 'And I saw you in 'Zulu' and I thought, 'I'd like to do that', so I became an actor.''

Earlier this month, Michael admitted he thinks Donald Trump is funny.

The veteran star has previously socialised with the American billionaire and while they've become more distant since Trump won the US Presidential election in 2016, Michael has always found him to be good company.

Michael shared: ''I know him quite well. We went to dinner. He made me laugh.''

Despite Trump's success in the business world, the London-born actor was still shocked to learn of his ambition to become the President.

Michael thinks America currently finds itself in the midst of a ''strange'' situation.

He explained: ''When someone said he was running for president, I said: 'President of what? Marks & Spencer?' I'm sure he was quite surprised himself to become president.

''On one hand, he's a danger and unpopular. But suddenly he's become very successful: the stock markets are up, and employment, including the Spanish and blacks. The figures are starting to be on his side, so you wonder, you know, what the hell is going on?

''The point is that his people, they've never been represented politically and they are a majority. It's very strange.''