A series of never-before-seen photographs of '60s icons including SIR Michael Caine, John Lennon and Charlton Heston has gone on display in London.
The black-and-white shots were saved from a bonfire in the mid-1970s when celebrity photographer Brian Duffy tried to destroy his archive of work after an argument with his staff.
They have remained hidden away in cardboard boxes ever since - but now form part of an exhibition of Duffy's images at a gallery in the U.K. capital.
The pictures, which also include shots of Arnold Schwarzenegger and notorious London gangster Reggie Kray, survived the blaze when fellow photographer David Bailey intervened and convinced Duffy not to throw them on the pyre.
Duffy says, "I went out into the garden and started burning things. You would think celluloid would burn easily but it didn't... David Bailey turned up and he said he would have helped me (with the pressure of my work) if he'd known. I stopped burning stuff and the rest of the negatives just sat in shoe boxes in my house until my old lady (wife) asked me what I was going to do with them."