A British newspaper has issued an apology to actor SIR Michael Caine after wrongly reporting the star has had cosmetic surgery.

The DAILY MAIL tabloid printed the lies in several articles last year (04) and have since been blasted for their mistake.

And to further make up for the blunder, they are making a donation to Italian Job actor's favourite charity - NATIONAL SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO CHILDREN (NSPCC).

Today's (01JUN05) edition reads, "We suggested that Sir Michael Caine had had a facelift. In fact, this is untrue.

"Sir Michael Caine has never had any plastic surgery. Our apologies for wrongly suggesting otherwise and any embarrassment caused.

"We have agreed to make a donation to Sir Michael's nominated charity, the NSPCC,and to play his legal costs."

01/06/2005 13:45