Sir Michael Caine will star in 'The Secret Service'.

The iconic actor is due to play the role of a lead agent in the big screen comic book adaptation, directed by Michael Vaughn.

The 80-year-old actor will undertake rigorous training for a series of combat sequences, choreographed by a team who previously worked with Jackie Chan.

Caine will star alongside Colin Firth, whose character is a younger understudy under Caine's wing for investigations.

The revelation comes shortly after comic book writer Mark Millar expressed his excitement about the upcoming film over Twitter.

Millar wrote earlier this month: ''Just read the final draft of Matthew & Jane's Secret Service adaptation and it ties with Pulp Fiction as my favourite screenplay ever.''

He added: ''You'll see what I mean next November, but Secret Service is the spy movie we've been waiting for since Bond lost his sense of humour.''

Millar and Vaughn have already screen-tested three young actors to star alongside Firth and Caine, including Jack O'Connell ('300: Rise of an Empire'), John Boyega ('Attack the Block'), and Christian Cooke ('Magic City').

Variety reports that Aaron Taylor-Johnson was being looked at for the role but was reportedly asking for too much money and is no longer being considered.