Michael Caine has hinted that his character Alfred the butler will play a key role in Christopher Nolan's Batman movie 'The Dark Knight Rises', which hits cinemas worldwide later this month. The movie's plot has been kept safely under wraps throughout production, though Caine says his character finally has his moment in the limelight.

Speaking to Empire magazine, Caine was quizzed on his role in the big budget action drama, though replied, "It's such a plot point that I can't tell you, I think I'd go to jail if I told you, or I'd have to kill you! I get some great moments. I have a couple in this last one, too". Perhaps CHRISTOPHER BALE's Bruce Wayne will seek help from his trusty Butler in order to save Gotham City from the villainous Bane, played by Tom Hardy. 'The Dark Knight Rises' will be the final Batman movie by Nolan, whom Caine was full of praise for, especially his casting ability, saying, "You look at the cast of actors that Chris has got, it's absolutely wonderful every time. And this one is no exception.He's got one of my favourite new young British actors, Tom Hardy, who I saw on television a couple of years ago and I went, 'Who the bloody hell is that?' And he's proved me right".

The new movie certainly does boast an impressive cast, with the likes of Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Anne Hathaway and Joseph Gordon-Levitt joining the cast. The film hits cinemas worldwide on 20 July 2012.