Sir Michael Caine cried his eyes out while watching 'Bambi'.

The 78-year-old actor - who memorably played hard man Jack Carter in 'Get Carter' and a vigilante Royal Marine veteran in 'Harry Brown' - revealed he got teary eyed while watching the classic animated Disney movie when he was younger because he was so upset when the young deer's mother is shot dead by hunters.

He said: "My memories were 'Snow White' and 'Bambi' in those days, I remember crying my eyes out when Bambi's mother died in the forest and laughing my head off at the Seven Dwarfs. I grew up with cartoons. My favourite Disney villain would have to be the wicked witch from 'Snow White', I think she great and my favourite Disney hero is 'Mickey Mouse', he was my first hero and my favourite."

While Michael enjoyed Disney films in his youth, he recently admitted he signed up to voice Finn McMissile in the animated movie 'Cars 2' because he couldn't show his grandchildren his more adult-themed films.

He said: "When they ask what their granddad does, they can't see him in anything.

"You don't want to say 'Harry Brown'. It's not family viewing. When they offered me the chance to play the part of a car, I was very interested."

Michael is supporting Disney Junior's Million Disney Memories campaign to collect a million Disney memories which will be turned into £1 million for Great Ormond Street Hospital

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